Day: July 18, 2016

The road to Atlantis

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This morning we enjoyed a beautiful church service, then spent time relaxing in each others company. We decided that a good activity for today, (after the creatures visited SS Sapona one more time), would be to sail over to the North side of Bimini and check out a dive site the the girls read about. It’s called the Bimini Road and some think it may perhaps be the road to Atlantis. I told the creatures that we were on a top secret mission and we had to be really cautious. That all sorts of snipers and government groups would be watching and to suspect everything as a danger – even sea cucumbers. When ever a boat passed I told them it was probably the FBI watching us. When the creatures tried laughing or smiling at me because I was being goofy I told them this was no laughing matter and we had to be really serious. Hush hush. Top secret.

On the way, Glade and Marci each caught a fish. Glade threw his back since it was small, and Marci had no choice because as she was reeling hers in, it was attacked by a greedy shark!

The water was a bit stirred up so visibility wasn’t great, but we dove the area and found it quite interesting geologically. Large flat rocks – some the size of a vw bug, lay neatly in a line, the same distance apart, for a long stretch in a ‘J’ pattern.Here are pictures of Aidan and Mycah diving down over some of the rocks…

Several times I swam through a lazy school of snapper, who were very patient with me interfering their zen moment, and once again a barracuda came to say hello.

Mycah is the queen of bubble rings.

Some of the creatures decided to brave the hot afternoon and set out on an expedition to check out the beach. They loved it and collected all sorts of shells. Thank you to Sierra for these awesome photos.

Marci made a delicious meal which we all sat around the stern salon table and enjoyed together, then we chatted and laughed till we were too tired to any longer, and retired for the night. Tomorrow we will try to find Dan Zwerg and his group ( to help with their humanitarian work here in Bimini.