Day: July 20, 2016

Music from the soul

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This morning we woke to another beautiful day, and met Dan Zwerg and his group ( out on the road to wait for our ride. They are such a fun group of people. Loving, happy and non judgmental. There were 19 of us in all.

Glade and Aidan practiced their super special skateboard skills while we waited.

Our group was transported to a church where all the children would meet us, in 2 vehicles, a van and a pick up. We took the pick up and the creatures loved their ride in the back.

When we walked in, beautiful little Bahamian faces were smiling curiously, excited for the days activities. We immediately began interacting with the children and watched their beautiful faces light up from the attention.

We talked, teased, arm wrestled, showed inquisitive little munchkins the camera, and soaked in their sweetness.

Glade plays the trumpet and taught some of the kids some tricks to help them play the trumpet, and he taught Aidan a few things too.

Dan and his group taught children how to play saxophone, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, recorder and drums and they sounded great.

Chad helped fix a guitar, and Marci and I helped serve snack and drinks at different times.

I played with this little guy who was very curious with my camera.

At one point Chad and Marci and I stepped outside for a few minutes to breathe in our beautiful surroundings. Right next to the church is a quaint little cemetery.

By the end of the day, Dan had the kids playing some fantastic songs.

Many have asked how they can help. If you have instruments you’re not using and want to donate them to Dan’s humanitarian efforts. You can reach him from his blog at They are especially in need of clarinets and saxophones.

This afternoon we returned to the boat and after all the creatures from both boats interacted they came up with the bright idea of hunting for conch then bringing them to me to make conch fritters. Mycah returned with 4 conch, and i kept to my end of the deal too, and made a huge batch of fritters. Everyone gathered on Tanda Malaika to eat, and when a swift rain storm broke out we all fit inside.

I am so tired tonight after a wonderful day. I will dream of sweet little angels playing lullabies to me on the instruments they’ve learned to play.
Tomorrow we will leave here and travel to Great Isaac Cay where the haunted lighthouse stands.