Day: July 24, 2016

Hoffman’s Blue Hole

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Yesterday our main adventure involved showing the Nell’s the blue hole. We all piled into the dinghy and over to the East side of Hoffmans Cay to the little beach where the trail head begins. While en route, the water was so clear and such an amazing blue.

The beach is small with beautiful white sand, and the trail is well used and easy on the bare feet.

In places the blue hole is up to 600ft deep and is fed by fresh water springs – causing the water to be brackish and random cold spots in the otherwise warm water catches one by surprise. It feels refreshing though!
We jumped in and snorkeled around.

Some of the side have large growths of green moss algae and others have heathy crops of clams holding fast. Small bait balls of tiny fish swim in perfect unison and upside down jellyfish lazily make their way in any direction that seems right at the time.

The boys practiced doing backflips into the blue hole and we gave our bent delta anchor its final resting place. Chad was nice enough to carry it all the way up the trail for us.

When we left there we explored over to the west side of Hoffmans Cay, and attempted to pull the dinghy up onto the beach but found that the waves were too big and were just going to fill the dinghy up. Emma and Jude took it like ninja navy seals to anchor it out a little ways.

The beach was beautiful and Chad decided he’d attempt hiking up and over to the other side but found the foliage to be too dense and sharp to navigate through. We snorkeled around, saw many lobster including one that was SO HUGE!