Day: July 25, 2016

Exploring the Gorgeous

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Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful church service, then set out on what Marci called, a Sunday drive. The ocean seemed to be in a lazy Sunday sort of mood too, as calm cool water stretched out ahead of us and slow, beautiful, billowy clouds lay about in the sky.

We worked out way south east back behind Devil’s Cay and off to the south west spotted a picturesque little beach which seemed to beg to be explored.

The coconut palms that proudly stood had tiny fruit growing on them and a few lawn chairs were scattered about close to a pile of gathered firewood. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who admired this beautiful little island. Prints from crab tracks meandered all about as if they too, had their own bonfire.

We bid our little island farewell and once again continued on through windex colored waters.

We came across a small lonely dock and got out to explore, and found that it seemed to be abandoned with clothing, water toys and lawn chairs all about, but the mosquitoes had not abandoned it! It didn’t take long for everyone to launch themselves into the water. They spent time blowing bubble rings under the dock.

We took off again and came across a large area of sand bottom and beautiful blue, and some of us bailed out of the dinghy without saying a word.

While snorkling about we came across what looked like pretty little pearls or bubbles attached to to sea weed. I’m certain they are some sort of egg sacks. So beautiful!

We anchored the dinghy in the 5 ft of water and swam over to yet another beach which was also completely deserted. I was the first to set my feet on the sand and hesitated at first, not wanting to interrupt the perfectly smooth landscape.

After returning to Tanda Malaika, Glade and Aidan decided to try make ice cream using the ice that Marci had removed from the freezer while defrosting it. They placed their concoction in the ice cream ball and tossed it about on the tramp. It never did set up but they all drank the mixture down and enjoyed it anyway. We’ll get some ice in Nassau and try again. We have ordered a small ice maker for the boat, which will be a great addition – more for ice cream making than anything else! You know your creatures are sailors when they set up a sun shade and use the winches and slip knots to secure it!

Jude captured a photo of Emma, who was engrossed in “Of Mice and Men.” She found herself a quiet place to relax and read.

I whipped up a huge batch of dough and made a couple trays of dinner rolls as well as 4 pizzas. We all gathered on the trampoline to sit in the breeze and enjoy dinner together. A huge double rainbow arched across the sky,

and then as the sun set the heavens were breathtaking in every direction.

Jude boarded one of the paddle boards and moved out into the setting sun. What a gorgeous end to an absolutely magnificent day. I love my life on the ocean and I love the peace it brings.