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Our journey into Nassau from Rose Island was a short but relaxing. We worked our way south along the edge of Nassau then turned east into the waterway and passed all the big cruise ships.

Danny would be landing at 5:30pm and we figured we’d pass time by playing around in the Atlantis Water Park.

The canal into the marina is lined with restraints, condos and the marina village stores, and the slips contain multi million dollar super yachts.

Tanda Malaika was the only sailboat I saw and we felt so tiny compared to what we were surrounded by. I wished Danny was with me to help me dock, but all went well and I was able to dock our big girl without any trouble at all.

We quickly washed her down, removing all the salt from our crossings, and headed out to cool off at Atlantis. With 5 cruise ships in port, it was pretty crowded, but that didn’t stop us from having a blast and a half. Our first water slide was the one you fly down and into a tunnel through a tank full of sharks.

Since Sierra has a hurt foot, her ‘sisters’ carried her around at times. That’s love!

Finally at about 5pm I walked back to the boat to change and wait for my Sweethearts arrival. I was SO excited! I was walking the dock to wait at the marina office for him and saw him at the end of it and ran and jumped in his arms. Anyone watching would have been educated in what a long loving kiss looks like.
After Danny showered and rested for a bit we met the creatures and the Nell’s in the village to eat out for the first time in quite a while. The creatures were also so excited to see their dad.

A parade from the annual Junkanoo Festival came marching by with music blaring and costumes flaring. It was quite a sight.

When we were all back on board Danny unveiled something very beautiful…our new windlass. We are so excited to install it. Everyone has worked so hard to raise and lower the anchor and have been great sports.

For those that know Emma, you know that she is a huge Guns and Roses fan. She recently found out about a concert in Orlando, which is a 45 minute flight from here, and begged if she could go. She spent every cent of her entire life savings for her concert ticket and airplane ticket. This morning the taxi came and picked her and Jude up to take them to the airport and they will be back in two days.

They will be staying with Stephanie, and their big sister and brother, Ashley and Jordan. Emma left us this note on the counter in the galley. (Slash is her favorite guitarist in the band.)

We already miss them tons, but are so excited that Emma gets to cross one more item off her bucket list.


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