Day: July 29, 2016

Green Cay

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We’ve been enjoying the last couple of days at another of our favorite places…Green Cay. It is only a short 5 nm from Nassau but feels like it’s much farther away. We wanted to stay close since we will be picking Jude and Emma up from the Guns and Roses concert tomorrow afternoon.

This is one of our favorite islands because the island has a beautiful beach, lots of shells, gorgeous reefs to dive, an assortment of lobster, turtles and sharks to swim with, and fun places to jump off of on the other side.

Yesterday Danny, Chad and I went grocery shopping down below and returned with a mesh bag full of lobster. We had a feast!

While we were out hunting, I carried the bag with the fish and lobster in it, and at one point after surfacing for air after diving down to look for lobster, i looked to the side of me at the water, and saw a shark fin coming for me. It could obviously smell everything in the bag I was carrying, and I was not about to give it up. I dove back down to face my attacker, and it had vanished from infant of me, but I felt a bump against the bag slung over my back. I quickly turned and smacked the shark in the face with the bag, and called to Chad who was not too far away, telling him that a very rude shark wanted our dinner. He saw it as well, and the Danny surfaced saying he had seen a young bull shark. For the rest of the two hours of diving and filling our bag, we saw a couple more sharks wanting a free meal, as well as many curious fish. We had so much fun.

Today Danny and Chad installed the new windlass, and she’s such a beauty.

They are a good team, and will no doubt, work on many more projects on the boat together.

I took Marci for a long snorkel today, and showed her a few of the things that make the ocean magical…gorgeous coral heads…

reef fish…


beautiful fans and sponges…

we swam in a school of millions of silversides…

I also showed her what live sea biscuits look like, as well as christmas tree worms and feather duster worms. We even dove with a shark, which is tough to see in this photo. We loved our time, drifting along without a care in the world.

Back at the boat, the creatures were having a blast as usual.

Sierra and Mycah went for a lazy drift along on the paddle boards.

This evening we went for another hunting trip and returned at sunset with a couple more for the freezer.

My life continues to be filled with so much beauty and learning. I am so grateful for all that I am so abundantly blessed with and hope to one day be worthy of it all.