Day: August 5, 2016

Big Major

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Just when I thought I’d seen the clearest water on earth, we anchored at Big Majors, right off Staniel Cay.

I have not edited these photos at all, it’s just THAT gorgeous!

The anchorage has mostly been filled with power yachts, jet ski’s and small power boats, but Tanda Malaika sits proudly in the water and is always there waiting for our return.

Aside from jumping overboard, our first item of business was for Danny and Chad to solder a piece on the fresh water pump. They did a great job, had success and the pump was working once again.

The second order of business was to visit the local celebrities over at the beach…

the creatures got a kick out of them,

and especially loved their sweet babies. We saw 4 piglets – each full of energy and spunk.

The mama’s seem tired and especially huge as they strolled around, full of milk for their young. It didn’t stop them from swimming out to see if anyone had brought them tasty treats.

Many have asked us why the locals don’t eat the pigs, and the answer is that the Bahamians consider them celebrities. They bring lots of business as many boaters come to see them, and tours are arranged from nearby islands to visit the swimming pigs. They aren’t aggressive but know that they are bigger than you and if you’re between them and food, watch out because they’re coming through!