Day: August 7, 2016

Rudder Cay

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On Saturday we came across another of the most beautiful places in the world. There seem to be so many of those! Rudder Cay is part of the Exumas in the Bahamas and is easily reached from the Atlantic side. As we meandered through several small rock islands, the scene ahead became more and more beautiful.

The water was that gorgeous Bahamian turquoise and the clarity unbelievable.

We anchored in 6 ft of water just off of one of the many beautiful beaches, and a huge cave gaped open off to the side. It looked like an amazing place to explore.

It didn’t take long before we were all in the water, swimming around to see what we could see.
The cave was interesting. The ceiling had a few skylights in it.

The back part of the cave was not under water since it was low tide, so we swam all the way up into it.

Looking back out we could see our home, Tanda Malaika.

Once exiting the cave we continued to swim, following the rocky shore line, passing some interesting sea stacks,

until we reached this beautiful scene…

We had to explore and Glade and Aidan attempted to throw rocks and knock down coconuts.

And Jude climbed a coconut tree!

Sierra didn’t want to get her bandaged foot all sandy so Mycah carried her out to explore the island.

We walked across the island and ended up back around where we had anchored our girl.

The lighting from the setting sun was so beautiful as we ate dinner, and afterward Danny and I lay on the trampoline together and watched the gorgeous cloud formations float by.

This morning after a wonderful church service, we cooled off in the water once more. The coral heads were bright with color and busy with life.

A ray camouflaged itself with sand and lay quietly, thinking we hadn’t seen it.

We saw a silky streamlined reef shark as well as a thick, beefy bull shark. So many reef fish to watch and holes to swim through, and for Glade and Aidan, so many rocks to climb and do flips off of. The ocean is a wonderful playground for every age. We seem to explore all day until we are exhausted and starving, then return home to eat, sleep and converse, then the day begins once more for the same routine.

Our time at Rudder Cay is definitely one we will never forget.