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The past couple of days we have been slowing beating against the wind, making our way at a snails pace toward Turks and Caicos. Our schedule has been to set sail at 6:30 or 7am each day and drop anchor by 9pm each night. Sometimes this can be tough because when we wake up to a beautiful scene we want to go explore, but know we have to set sail and don’t have the time.

Our first day of sailing after leaving Crooked Island, was in confused, choppy seas. This made for some rough sailing and we had to tack back and forth since we couldn’t sail directly into the wind. I made chicken and onion BBQ pizza and cheese pizza for dinner, and everyone seemed to enjoy that. Marci used some left over dough to make a dessert pizza which was a wonderful surprise for everyone to devour. We anchored at Plana Cay, which is a small island east of Acklins and is a protected, preserve for the endangered great iguanas and the rare hutias, which is a guinea pig like rodent. From the deck it looked like there would be some amazing snorkeling and diving as well, because we could see many coral heads scattered about.

Today the ocean was so calm with light winds right on our nose once again. We tacked out far like we did yesterday and then turned in toward Mayaguana Cay at fairly good speed. At times it felt like we were on a lake.

Eventually the wind died completely and we motored the last part of the journey. For dinner I cooked coconut rice, pork chops on the braai and a beet salad. We ate underway at the stern salon as the sun was setting.

As we reached Mayaguana Cay the huge, full moon was rising – a large yellow ball between the dark clouds.

Mayaguana is the only Bahamian island that still bears its Arawak name and was a favorite place for Pirates until about 1812. Tomorrow we will be in Turks and Caicos, a new country to explore. We will most likely be there for a week, because that’s how long we are allowed without needing to purchase a ticket for a longer stay.

Life is good, and as always, we are excited for tomorrows adventures.


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