Turks and Caicos

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We have arrived!As we approached Turks and Caicos, all hands were on deck watching for shallow spots, and a dolphin pod arrived to bow ride as the welcome committee.

It’s always exciting arriving in a new country, not knowing what to expect. There are really deep drop offs in many areas around these islands – some dropping 11000ft. One can easily see the depth change from the surface by drastic rapid change in water color.

New landscape, fauna and flora, people, foods and grocery stores or markets, to name a few. I love to watch everyone as we approach.

Some of the homes lining the shore have long stair cases over rocky ledges and others are right on the beach.

Several large commercial vessels were in the area,

and many huge sea stacks and small rock islands are spread across the horizon. We are excited to explore some of them. Aidan and Glade want to do some cliff jumping off of them, and I just want to look for lobster!

We decided that we would pull into a marina for a night or two so that we’d be some place convenient for Chad to leave from. We are sad to see him go, and will miss him terribly, but he has knives to make and a knife show to attend. Check out his amazing work at @nell_knives
Being in a marina does mean that we finally get to wash all the salt off our Tanda Malaika. She is one salty vessel! A layer of salt is covering every possible surface.

Life is good and we are grateful for yet another safe crossing.


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