Keeping watch on Tropical Storm Invest 99L

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We’ve been having fun exploring Turks and Caicos.

On Sunday we found a church and attended as a family of 9. The creatures looks so sweet. Notice how tall Aidan is getting! I swear he’s grown a foot the past 6 months.

The days have been beautiful, with warmth from the sun and coolness from the water. Once school work is done, the creatures (and us adults) spend 80% of the day in the water. They found a huge rock face to jump off of.

We met some people on the beach and as always, they were very curious about our lifestyle. The same questions are always asked…’how long have you been doing this?…How long do you plan to?…How many of you are there?…How do you afford it?…What about school for the kids?…You’re living my dream!’

Each place we stop, bodies excitedly dive off Tanda Malaika in search of treasures. Many are always found – some treasures that will be filed away among the vast collection of profound and breathtaking experiences, and some gathered to be brought back and shown to all on board. It’s all magical and will be told in stories years from now as grandchildren are gathered around their knees.

The creatures have been making more jewelry with some of their treasures.

Sierra and Mycah have each made bracelets with thread as well.

This morning Mycah and I went for a dive, and later Danny and Jude did too. The wall we dove descends down thousands of feet, and is covered in huge barrel and vase sponges, wire coral and so many others. Schools of fairy basslet, blue tang, yellow tailed snapper, squirrel fish and blue chromis are in abundance. A large grouper meandered through as well as a large ray and reef shark.

The air temperature was 94 and the water temp – even at 110ft, was 86 degrees.

We have been keeping a close watch on Tropical Storm ‘Invest 99L’. Currently east of the Leeward islands, there’s a chance it’ll hit us on Thursday. Our plan is to head into a marina tomorrow, secure Tanda Malaika well and get ready for whatever comes. We’ll keep you updated.
Until then, we will continue diving for lobster, eating them till we simply can’t eat another bite, and exploring for more treasures to hold close to our hearts.


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