Staying sane

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Ask anyone on board what makes me most unhappy and they’ll tell you that it’s being in a marina. I feel like a caged lion. A mermaid in a net. I’m sure if Tanda Malaika could, she’d tell you she feels the same way.

We have stayed here because even though Invest 99-L past, there have continued to be heavy rains and winds on the sailing forecasts which we would just as soon avoid being caught in. So, to stay sane I have had to keep busy. I pulled out the sewing machine to continue working on our sweet grand babies quilt, but in these last 6 weeks since I used it, it got all rusted up. Yesterday I soaked parts in rust remover and will get back to that project tomorrow. In the mean time we went exploring…

Turks and Caicos is covered in beautiful palms, brush, vines and various flowering trees and shrubs.

Some interesting cactus are also growing in random places, some with beautiful fuchsia berries.

Limestone and sandstone have weathered in fascinating patterns.

The creatures discovered what we think may have been a restaurant that was hit by a hurricane. It provided a fun place for them to hang out.

What an amazing group of creatures these are. Each one brings a unique, intelligent and hilarious approach to life, to the table. They work hard (even though we harass them for not cleaning up after themselves sometimes), are always happy and loving, and they keep us in fits of laughter. I am so grateful to be a part of their lives.

Danny’s bank card was sucked up into the ATM and not regurgitated back out, a couple days ago. He called the bank and they are sending another to the marina ‘immediately’, so we have to stay close, but we may check out tomorrow and anchor close by so we can continue exploring the ocean and other interesting places around the island.


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