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We have met an Angel who is in desperate need of help. An older woman by the name of Altagracia, here in Dominican Republic, has opened up half of her humble home to children to school them, and is not assisted financially. Most of her 26 students are special needs. Altagracia’s home has a rusted, leaky roof,



her concrete floors are broken up in many places,



and we want to paint her interior walls.

Danny and our friend Allen, looked at everything closely to see the best plan of attack in fixing her home for her, (and since we have no tools and equipment), it would be great to pay locals to do the work so they benefit as well.
We would like to raise $2000 to take care of her needs, and are asking for everyones help. Every cent will go to the humanitarian work we are doing.

Even though she doesn’t have much at all, when we were there assessing the situation and planning, she insisted on making us a meal – she had some okra and half of a squash from her garden and wanted to feed it to us.
She knelt in her kitchen with a machete and cut splinters of wood to prepare a fire.

She has a fridge and stove but neither work so she uses them for storage. She then placed the wood splinters with coals on her metal bucket and lit a fire.

Once lit she set it outside her door with chopped up squash in a pot to cook.

When the squash was ready she placed the chopped okra in the pot with juice from a sour orange, and cooked that up. Before long she had her beautiful meal spread on the table for us. Okra, squash and avocado.

The food was so delicious, and the okra was especially amazing. She reminds me so much of my mom for some reason…maybe its her sweetness and goodness, her humility and love. That’s probably what it is. Her meal was such a meaningful gift. She has so little yet gives everything she has. I have a feeling that she does this with her students too.

So, we once again ask for everyone’s help. Please share this, pass the word along and lets get Altagracia some help. It would improve not only her life but the lives of so many children as well. Thank you so much in advance,
with love from the Tanda Malaika Crew.

Funds for Altagracia’s home/school


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