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Every day in Luperon is unpredictable and exciting. After tying up at the dinghy dock we walked into town, not knowing what the day would bring, and ended up being entertained late into the night until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore!In the town square, people were working hard and setting up for a fiesta – the tourist appreciation celebration!
A spit was built with cinder blocks and wood in the middle of the square, booths were built out of palm leaves and repetitive music blared so loud from several directions.

Mycah and Sierra attracted an appreciative audience by singing and playing their ukuleles.

Our sweet little friend, Jose, a handicapped gentleman whom the town takes care of, decided he was going to protect the creatures all day! He would not leave their sides. A few years ago the local police gave him a badge and a toy gun and told him he’s now on the police force. He takes it seriously! He kept motioning to us that he had his eyes on the creatures, and loved dancing to the loud music for them.

The locals thought it would be cool for the creatures to take turns sitting on a poor little horse that was indifferent about the situation.

Jude is so tall she just stepped over it on onto its back.

We were educated in the DR coffee making process. A big pot of coffee beans were roasted for hours over an open fire,

Once removed they were placed into a mold and pestle of some sort and finely ground. The new mayor, Danilo Morrobel, (in blue) and secretary came over to cheer Jude on…

Glade did a fine job too.

The grounds were boiled in water and brown sugar, strained and served.

A pickup truck pulled up with a couple of unfortunate skewered pigs wrapped in chicken wire.

They were carried over and leaned up against the gazebo before being placed over the prepared coals.

Students took a break from school and came to mingle and converse. They were so polite and excited to share the english they had learned.

A treat was fried and served for all to enjoy. It was like a flour tortilla, fried in oil…bland but enjoyable.

And all the while, the pigs roasted…Danny was invited to help turn them for a while.

It was already hot and humid, and roasting pigs made it hotter. We drank so much water, pop and coconut milk.

We tried out their musical instruments. Danny played the Guira.

Yucca was peeled and prepared for boiling.

And the pigs roasted….

The mayor spoke for a minute and I was pulled from the crowd to dance with him. Of all people, I’m the one that hates to dance, but I graciously accepted and was a good sport. Danny was full of laughs knowing what was going on in my head.

Some dancers came through and performed, then the creatures were snatched up and taught.

As the day progressed, a larger crowd filed in to the park, and the music seamed to get louder.

Two little boys adopted Jude as their favorite person ever and wouldn’t leave her lap.

Finally the pigs were done, and a beautiful meal of yucca, roasted pork, rice with beans and salad, was served. The gringos were served first and everyone followed.

Everything was so delicious.
Just when we felt like we were so tired and dirty that it was definitely time to go home – all partied out, we were informed that the party hadn’t even started yet!

We listened to a talented band for as long as we could, and at ridiculously late o’ clock, we finally slipped away, dragging our tired bodies back to the dinghy. What an amazing day with amazing people. Luperon is a beautiful place with such giving, beautiful people.

I am so grateful for them, their love and generosity. I feel like I am a better person for knowing them. This fiesta day will no doubt be one we will be talking about for many years to come.


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