Day: September 7, 2016

So grateful

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We had hoped that over time we would be able to reach our financial goal to help Altagracia, and in just one and a half days, the money has been raised! Thank you so much for helping us, we are excited to get started.Yesterday we went into town to talk with Ruben, the gentleman that will help us coordinate the roofing and concrete projects, and he is going to get the materials lists to us so we can purchase them. We also stopped by Altagracias home and told her that with the help of our loving friends, the money has been raised, and she was so grateful. I gave her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek, and afterward she took my hands in hers and said to always remember that God answers prayers.

Town was a little more quiet since it was raining on and off, but it didn’t stop the plantain truck from doing business.

I love the fresh fruit and vegetables. Mangos are growing everywhere and make my mouth water every time we see them on the trees.

Yesterday we purchased some huge ones for 25 pesos each, and for part of dinner I cut up a mango and a pineapple and there was enough for all 9 of us.

A highlight from the day was meeting Helena. A sweet little lady that recently turned 100.

She was full of smiles, and said she has lived this long because she is happy.

I know that there is so much sadness, fear and terrible things that torment individuals and the world every day. I have seen it and experienced it personally. But, I am so incredibly grateful that there is still far more goodness than bad, and it is all around us. People like Altagracia and Helena are everywhere, and they are so full of love. Taking the opportunity to help, one little school house, one person, one tiny project at a time, is part of what makes the world a better place. It makes you a better person…not because of your hand in helping, but because of what you learn from it. You don’t have to be traveling the world to do it, it’s right under your nose in your community. Life is good, and we are so grateful to be alive, healthy and able to be instruments in Gods hands.