Busy stuff and some time out

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Jude and Mycah have now successfully installed a new macerater in their head. They did it all themselves, except needed a little help from Danny on the electrical part. I went to take photos but Mycah gave me the serious stink eye and expressed (in no uncertain terms) that I was not allowed to take pictures.

The diesel that was delivered killed the generator in the night. Bad gas is common in some of these areas so we always run everything through filters as it goes into the tank, but I guess we didn’t get it all. Danny pulled out the filters and cleaned them.

He then opened the drain at the base of the diesel tank and removed a couple of gallons of water that had settled there. The generator fired right up when he tried it again, and all is once again right in the world.
I did tons of laundry on the stern, and that always leaves me feeling accomplished.
After the creatures worked on their homework and chores, we went in to town for a group photo with Cheri, Allen and Altagracia.

She proudly showed us how she has her classroom set up, with chalk boards hung against clean white walls. Danny fixed her fan and Allen took advantage of the moment and lectured Aidan, Emma and Glade about the important things in life.

With teary eyes, Altagracia thanked us again, and said she does not have any big way to show her gratitude, but did make us some fruit juice and candied cherries. We LOVE her fruit juice. She wants us to return at 4pm on today.

We are still waiting on the package with the repaired autopilot and wind indicator from Raymarine. I must add that they are both brand new – we purchased them a couple of months ago and still couldn’t get them to work. Needless to say, Raymarine is not our favorite company right now. The package was supposed to arrive on Friday….
We are also closely watching the storm that is brewing and headed in this general direction. It appears that it will most likely miss us, and soon we will be on our way.

I needed some time to myself yesterday, and took the paddle board out to see what I could see. I pulled up on some sand across the water way and out toward the ocean a ways. It was so peaceful, and I breathed in the much needed quiet and peace.

Stone steps led me up into a cool shady breeze and gently rustling leaves and vines swayed to the sound of alternating cicada and silence.

I walked for a long way, stopping to notice the raw beauty of my surroundings. Tiny ants working hard in and out of an anthill. Small leafy vines climbing trees in search of more light, exoskeletons of cicada on tree trunks and beautifully strange pods and growths on the ground.

The view on shore was bright, clean and beautiful. I thought of the contrast between the gross gutters of Luperon with loud music blaring from every corner, and this place less than a mile away with only the sounds of nature.

Interesting how heaven can be found in both places.

I am once again rejuvenated. My lungs flushed with fresh air as I am surrounded by that which brings me intense peace…water.


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