Day: October 2, 2016

Ponce to Salinas, PR

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Today is my Mom and Gabriel’s birthdays. We are grateful for them both and so glad they are here to share it with us.Before setting sail for Salinas, we thought we’d walk the boardwalk in Ponce. As we exited the dinghy we noticed many tarpon taunting the pelicans, knowing they were too big for them to eat.

I took these photos of the pelicans and they looked at me as if I was nothing but a nuisance, and were absolutely board to death by my presence.

Gabriel, Aidan, Emma and Jude rode their skateboards around until we came across a gentleman selling coconut and passion fruit sorbet. It is important to support the local economy!

Danny is a ninja boarder too.

We are loving Emma’s hair color. I have to photograph it a bunch before it all washes out! What a beauty!!!

A bit farther down the boardwalk, Danny came across a sign…..he’s so subtle when he’s hinting.

Emma pointed it out too! Needless to say, they carried their boards

We enjoyed lazying around for a while, then set out sailing once again.

The creatures love their Ouma!

The sail to Salinas was about 18 nm, and the ocean was a lot calmer today than yesterday.

We finally pulled into the beautiful anchorage in Salinas, and anchored our girl. The mountains surrounding us are so beautiful.

Since we are celebrating two birthdays we thought we’d eat out tonight, and all enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Salinas Marina Restaurant. Bernadine flirted with the locals as usual…

We continue to watch hurricane Matthew move toward Jamaica and the Bahamas, and pray for the many beautiful people we’ve rubbed shoulders with there. Wilhelmina from Crooked Island sent me a video clip today as they prepare to be hit. It just breaks our hearts, knowing that they have lost so much already and are barely getting their feet on the ground from the last hurricane that ripped their community apart. I wish we could be there to help them. Please keep them in your thoughts.