Jake is here!!!

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We were so excited to drive to San Juan to pick Jake up today. The weather was good and the traffic not too bad.

We greeted him at the airport with big hugs and great excitement. It is so good to see his handsome smile and sweet face. We’re so thrilled to have him with us.

Back here at Palmas del Mar at the Juanjo Yacht Club, we showed him around Tanda Malaika and got him settled into his berth. This has been one of the best marinas we have been in. It is so clean and organized and the staff are extremely helpful. This morning I spoke with the manager asking him advice on what the best approach is to schedule a couple of doctors appointments for the creatures, and he took care of it – arranging everything for me. The facility here is spacious with nice wide docks and well kept grounds.

They have the fanciest laundry room I’ve ever seen at a marina, and it’s even air conditioned!

A beautiful swimming pool overlooking the ocean is available to guests, where we cooled off this evening.

I highly recommend this place to all my cruising friends. It’s a great location in Puerto Rico because it’s the perfect kick off point to leave from to sail out and explore the Spanish Virgin Islands.

This evening we found a cute little friend… A good sized helmet crab!

We set him free outside.

We are so excited for tomorrow evening because Kjira will be arriving. Having 6 of our 11 children on the boat will be so wonderful. We wish all 11 could be here, but we’ll take what we can get. Our Idaho family has arrived home safely, and for that we are grateful.

It’s been a good day.


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