Day: October 8, 2016

Kjira is here!!!

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We drove into San Juan to pick Kjira up at the airport, and on the way stopped at Aidan’s favorite skate shop, called El Skate & Bike House. The owners name is Gilbert Marrero and he is the greatest guy. A professional skater with a big heart and loads of passion. He even gave the kids each a free T-shirt with his logo on it. His instagram is @elskateandbikehouse . As we left he made sure we understand that we are family now.

We are so excited to have Kjira with us too now! Danny and I are loving having 6 of our creatures with us, and we wish the other 5 could come too.

On the way home we stopped at a Puerto Rican restaurant to try their traditional Mofongo, which is a dish made with plantain. Usually it is crushed in a guaycan, which is a wooden mortar and mixed with broth, garlic and olive oil. It looks like off colored mashed potatoes with skirt steak or shrimp served over it.

Mycah had a sandwich made with plantain rather than bread.

Aidan was served his meal in a little bowl made of plantains. All the food was so delicious.

When we awoke this morning I was busy doing some things around the boat, and walked over to Jude and Kjira’s room to find all the creatures that were awake conversing and laughing together. What a beautiful sight. I will never get tired of the way they love each other so much.

Danny worked on some projects on Tanda Malaika, one of them being installing an outlet in the stern salon. He cut a hole through the fiberglass,

fished all the wires and nonsense through,

and after hooking everything up, he finished it off with a spiffy looking cover. What a talented guy!

This evening Jake and Mycah have been singing karaoke to us. They have gorgeous voices. I tried to post a couple videos to my Facebook.
I love our family, and the love we have between us.