Installing hatches

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We’ve been working on projects while waiting for Juan, the mechanic to finish working on the engines, and Jakes passport to arrive. The passport arrived yesterday and Juan promised to be done today, so hopefully we can set sail right away.

One of the many important things on our To Do list, was to replace 5 of our hatches. Danny, Jude and I grabbed some tools and went to work…

First, we removed all the screws.

Next was a job where Danny had to use his (abundant) muscle and work a putty knife between the hatch and the deck.

Once he’d gone all the way around he was able to pry the sucker up.

We then used a putty knife, a flat head screw driver and acetone to clean away all the dry goop.

We applied fast drying 4000 around the new hatch edges and lay them back down. Danny replaced the screws and Bob’s your Uncle, the outside part was done.

In the mean time we have enjoyed cooling off in the pool,

the creatures are becoming ninjas on their boards,

and we’ve enjoyed music nights, collecting coconuts, games of ‘Settlers of Catan’ and yummy treats.

Danny and I started Isagenix yesterday. We are determined to lose weight and today is our second ‘Cleanse’ day. We’ll keep you posted!

Here’s to hoping we can leave this marina ASAP (since I go stir crazy in marinas), and continue our adventures in sailing.


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