Exploring the Spanish Virgin Islands

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We’ve been having fun exploring the Spanish Virgin Islands. The main islands are Vieques and Culebra, with a tiny island off Culebra called Culebrita. We pulled in to the main town on Vieques, so we could take care of Aidan’s need to skateboard. He is getting better all the time. He is now sponsored by two different companies, as he posts photos on instragram wearing their clothing and using their gear as we travel around the world. One of the companies, which is a brand new company called ‘Wittle Boards’, is custom designing him his own personal board and will be sending it to us soon.

The creatures met a woman selling sea shells by the sea shore, and she explained to them the best approach to drill holes through sea glass. What a sweet lady.

Human hair is an issue on boats. All the hoses that lead from pumps and through hulls are small and are easily clogged, so we encourage those on board to brush their hair at the stern. Kjira keeps her beautiful, long hair in braids, and Mycah has become the official braider. Here’s her dock side service!!!

On our way to Culebrita, Kjira caught a fish and was an absolute ninja at it!

While she was reeling it in, a paddle board paddle fell off the boat so Danny had to swing around to pick it up. Jake jumped in to retrieve it and during all the chaos of picking Jake and the paddle up, Kjira just kept reeling and finally landed her barracuda! What a champ.

One of the tasks we have as cruisers, is to scrub Tanda Malaika’s bottom on a regular basis. After being in the marina in Puerto Rico for such a short time, our hulls were covered in tiny barnacles.

These buggers are razor sharp and stick like glue, and the only way to remove them is to take the back of the scrub brush (the wooden side) and push against them to pop them off. We worked on the hulls for quite a while, and finally got them clean once again. Here’s Jude scrubbing, and one can see all the small barnacles falling off.

When we do this, fish come from all around and gobble up the meat in the barnacles.

Danny took a brush to the props that were covered too. While doing that he found twine from a crab pot or net that had wrapped itself around the prop, and removed that too.

It feels so good to get all that done, knowing we are taking care of our girl as she takes care of us.


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