Day: October 20, 2016

Entertainment in Culebrita

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We were surrounded by stormy skies, strong currents and beautiful swells as we sailed to Culebrita from Vierques.

Kjira enjoyed sitting at the sugar scoop for a while. My mom loves this spot too.

Once we turned to port to enter the protected little bay, the swells and waves became even more impressive, as wind and current collided. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Surfing charters had guys in the water enjoying the beautiful waves. Mycah is so anxious to learn to surf, and decided that once we were anchored, she’d break out a paddle board and give it a try.

Danny did a beautiful job meandering through the waves and Tanda Malaika responded well to his impressive captaining skills. We passed ginormous rocks held fast against crashing waves, all watched over by an abandoned lighthouse – the oldest on all the Caribbean Islands.

Before long we were in calmer waters and held tight on a mooring ball.

Danny and I swam to shore and explored the beach. Signs showed that turtles use the beach for nesting, and that no drones were allowed to be flown from the beach – it was the first time we’d seen no drone signs. We sat down in the sand, and looked out at our home which we are so grateful for.

I tried taking photos of the waves coming to shore, and had fun getting pounded!

When I returned to sit with Danny, our entertainment began…

The creatures were determined to surf! The waves coming in to shore were big, but slammed down quickly rather than forming nice long runs for surfing. We watched kids flying in every direction. Legs in the air and arms all over.

Aidan did manage to catch an epic ride and I got it on camera to prove it.

Emma made it to standing position at one point…

and Jude almost did but quickly dropped to her knees before taking flight!

One of the dingbats decided it would be good to go in twos, and that didn’t work well either!

Mycah sent her board flying straight up into the air and then nosed dived into the sand, bending the nose of the board. It was quite a show! Finally, bruised and exhausted they came onto land to rest and then explore.

Theres guys are amazing entertainment. They reminded us of the monkeys on Monkey Island.

This family time is worth more to us than anything!

We spent the night there and in the morning sailed over to a town called Dewey, for fresh fruit. As we pulled in to where the anchorage was, we were fascinated by the sights around us. A quaint little town with homes and stores in many colors nestled into the beautiful lush hills.

A bright orange and white bridge stood out like a sore thumb.

I love the way bright color paint is used, and it makes we wonder why more isn’t used in the US.

We took the dinghy in to town and stopped by a grocery store named Milkys, where we bought watermelon, pineapple, apples, oranges and pears.

Today we will most likely leave this anchorage and either head back to Culabrita to hike up and explore the lighthouse, or maybe we’ll head toward St John. Who knows…we have no plan and we’re sticking to it!