St James Bay, USVI

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Wifi and cell service have been non existent for most of us the past few days – aside from at about 3 – 4am. We haven’t missed it much though, because we have spending a ton of time collecting shells and sea glass. We picked up a mooring ball in a beautiful bay just off St Thomas, called St James Bay. The water is so beautiful and clear.

I took Jake scuba diving and he did so well.

Turtles chow down on the sea grass, and spotted eagle ray forage in the sand.

A 2 1/2 ft long remora attached itself to Tanda Malaika for a day.

I even saw some cuttlefish hanging over the reef.

Fire coral is in great abundance, and this cute little white mouthed more has made a home among it and some brain coral.

Spiny sea urchins are everywhere,

they make a great place for tiny juvenile reef fish to hang out, because nothing will dare eat them there as they are protected by the sharp spines.

We all collected so many beautiful little shells and sea glass, and each evening the girls would search through their treasures at the stern salon table. I took a photo of some of what Kjira has found. Everyday the spread grows larger…

Some of the places we have snorkeled have been so beautiful, with little canyons and large boulders.

Mycah continues to be pro at bubble rings!

Kjira has missed wake boarding, so today Danny pulled her around on a SUP behind the dinghy. It wasn’t wake boarding but she had a blast, and so did Aidan.

Jake decided that it’s time to head back to life on land and get back to work, so we sadly bid him farewell. We have loved having him with us and hope he doesn’t stay away too long.


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