Rendezvous Bay and Cruz Bay

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After dropping Jake off yesterday, we motored over to a beautiful bay off St John, called Rendezvous Bay.

We passed some huge homes that looked like fridge magnets stuck to the hillside. Some blended in and some not so much.

The creatures continue to work hard on schoolwork with Jude tutoring them,

Emma is loving learning the guitar,

and we snorkeled and explored and enjoyed the entire bay to ourselves, and watched a beautiful sunset.

This morning Danny worked in the port engine room for a while, replacing a switch and a bilge pump. I was his right hand man and am quite a ninja at tool names at this point.
Part of the fun of having Kjira here, is that we get to play with her gorgeous hair. We braid it for her every day. Look how long it is!!!

After that we moved over to a beautiful little bay just outside Cruz Bay. The most picture perfect beach is just a stones throw from our bow right now. We plan on lounging around on it tomorrow.

It’s been a while since we ate out since Danny and I are on a diet (I’ve lost 8lbs and he’s lost 11lbs), so we decided that an early dinner was in order. We parked the car in a crowded lot, and made our way into town.

We asked a taxi driver for advice on a good local place to eat, and he suggested De Coal Pot. It was amazing! Some in our group ordered Roti’s, some Creole Chicken and Mutton Stew. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every bite. We met a sweet couple dining there, from New York. The world is full of extraordinary people!

Afterward we strolled around to see what we could see.

Emma and Jude noticed a baby chick that was frantically trying to get back to it’s mom, so they attempted to corner it to take it back to her.

Everyone was so happy to be reunited.

We got a kick out of the taxi’s here. Pick up trucks have been converted, and some of them like this one, are quite fancy.

The dinghy ride back to Tanda Malaika was beautiful, as we watched the gorgeous sunset on our way back.

It’s been another amazing day, and we are grateful to be a family exploring the world together.


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