Francis Bay, St John

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We visited a bay which is supposed to be one of the prettiest of all…Cinnamon Bay. Some of us swam in to shore to check things out. The beach was beautiful,

and we were surrounded by thick jungle hills.

Gorgeous homes overlook the bay,

and beautiful flowers cover some of the trees.

The beach was peaceful and no one was in sight. The sand was fine and the water a beautiful color.

Beautiful rock formations were on one end of the beach.

Us girls lay in the surf and chatted for a bit, until some gigantic waves came rushing in and gave us some free dermabrasion. We thought it was so funny that we lay on our bellies and braced ourselves for more. After about twenty minutes of being thoroughly bashed about, we took our sand laden bodies back to the boat, leaving a trail of sand all the way there in the water as we swam. Even though we washed out all the sand we could while swimming, when we showered off on the stern, sand was still showing up. I can still feel it on my scalp even now – after washing my hair and swimming a couple more times. So fun!!!

The anchorage ended up being extremely rolly and mosquitos the size of B52 bombers swarmed the boat, so we moved over to Francis Bay, where the water is calm and peaceful.

Kjira made pierogi’s with Jude and Mycah, teaching them her fine culinary skills.

She filled them with a wonderful potato, onion and garlic combination.

After being boiled, they were lightly fried in coconut oil and spices and Bob’s your uncle! So delicious!!!

Food from the Gods!
This morning a mother spinner dolphin and her tiny baby came swimming past. The creatures got on the paddle boards to follow and I slipped into the water, but she had no intention of stopping. They must have been feeding because I saw several schools of fish leaping out of the water at various times around them.

Our sister ship anchored behind us last night, and today we met the people on her. You know it’s a small world when they swim up and say, ‘were you in Marathon, Florida a while back, and is your husband Dan the pilot?’ Apparently they had called Danny because they were interested in a Leopard 40, but when they heard we had a Leopard 46 they decided not to look at ours. They had wanted to take a peak to see how ours was laid out etc. When they heard we were having windlass issues, they offered to come take a look, and spent all afternoon trying to figure out what the problem was. It was so sweet of them. They decided it’s either a short or a failed solenoid. (I had to look the spelling up on that one!) We looked at their beautiful boat too. They are two couples who put their money together and purchased the boat 3 weeks ago, and are having a wonderful time. I’m sure we will be friends for years to come.

I spoke with Danny, who is currently in Malaysia, and he is doing well. We miss him so freaking much!

Tomorrow we will head over to the Cruz Bay area and go hiking to the Salt Ponds. That way we are close to town so we can enjoy Halloween Celebrations with everyone on the 31st too. I am so grateful for a wonderful life in a beautiful world.


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