Eve Bay

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Since it was Kjira’s last day with us we needed to hang close to St Thomas, and found a gorgeous little place called Eve Bay. The water was clear and the reef was covered in the healthiest growth of fans, soft coral and reef fish that I’ve seen in the USVI thus far.

Some of these fans stood 3ft tall and gently swayed back and forth in the water. I videoed one of them for a few seconds and when I have better wifi I’ll put it on my Facebook wall. It’s so relaxing to watch. Many of the fans had Flamingo tongue snails on them, like this one.

Many Sergeant Major, Saddleback wrass, Blue tang and Butterfly fish meandered through coral and rock.

Life is good under the water.

It’s one of my favorite places,

it’s where the only sound you hear is the crackle of the reef and parrot fish biting down on coral.

We have loved every second with Kjira. She is a natural sailor – didn’t get sea sick once and loves the water so much. She always has a smile, a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a happy tune to hum. We have all laughed hard together and shed tears of joy and love. She’ll be back soon, we just know it!

Now she’ll be off to work at a ski resort for the winter, and that will be tons of fun for her. We love you so much our Sweet Angel.


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