US Virgin Islands to British Virgin Islands

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It’d been raining a lot the past couple of days, and when it rains the drops are huge. Just a 20 minute rainfall leaves so much water. I love it. The creatures took the dinghy to a nearby beach and about an hour later it began to rain. I checked on them through the binoculars and saw they continued to swim and play in the rain, but when the wind picked up they returned in the dinghy. It made me chuckle to see them approaching…

I made them a huge stack of sourdough pancakes.

At about mid afternoon today we set sail for the BVI. We had a steady 20 knot wind coming across the bow and set out on a port tack. It felt so good to be under sail. Jude, Mycah and I sat at the helm and were soon joined by the twins, and there all 5 of us stayed, breathing in the fresh Caribbean air and admiring the beauty around us.

Heavy, dark clouds filled the sky and the sun lowered and cast a warm golden glow over the mountains and rock faces.

For those who dive, I’m sure you’ve noticed how the topography above the water line, continues below, and when I’m on the boat passing by these gorgeous rock faces, I imagine the canyons continuing to stretch far down deeper than any of us could dive.

We live in an incredibly beautiful world.

In the distance we could see dark, sunless ocean contrasted against soft light from the setting sun illuminating the distant hills. What a spectacular sight.

As we approached our destination we could see many boats tucked away in an anchorage, sheltered by the surrounding mountains.

Behind us the sun was setting in a beautiful grand finale,

and to the side of us a large school of unfortunate fish were swarmed by a flock of pelicans. We witnessed quite the feeding frenzy.

Pelicans are not the most graceful birds when it comes to landings.

They continued on even as we passed and then were silhouetted into the sunset.

Soper’s Hole, where we are moored for the night, is a quaint little place, where colorful buildings line the anchorage.

Tomorrow morning we will venture in and check in with customs and immigration.

We met a sweet couple who are moored right behind us, who took their Leopard 46 out of charter today and are beginning their journey as sailors. We are so excited for them, knowing the beauty they will see and the excitement they will experience. We gave them a boat card with our info on it, to keep in touch.

A heavy wind and rain swept through tonight and it made me even more grateful for a roof over our heads. I am grateful for a soft, dry bed to sleep in, and more importantly, to know that my children are comfortable too. I love all 11 of them so much.


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