Day: November 12, 2016

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVI

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Ever since I came here a few years ago, I’ve wanted to come back with the family to share it with them.

The Baths is a magical place, with boulders bigger than houses all beautifully arranged and balanced by Mother Nature. We picked up a mooring ball and secured Tanda Malaika, and set off on the adventure Aidan has been chomping at the bit for.

He told me that he has been excited to come here ever since I showed him pictures and told him about it a few years ago.

Any direction one chooses to go is a good choice, with massive granite boulders to climb and meander through.

In some places you can wade through water as you wander, and in others the boulders just stack higher and higher.

We decided that if there weren’t so many other people around, it would be the perfect place for a game of hide and go seek.

Granite forms when magma is cooled slowly at depth, far below the surface of volcanoes. After thousands or years of erosion these boulders are finally exposed and smoothed off by further water, wind and sand erosion.

The boulders, through time, form natural tide pools,

tunnels, and grottoes that are open to the sea.

One could explore for days and never get bored.

The Baths open up to Devils Beach, where the water is warm, clear and exquisite. (Tanda Malaika is the third boat from the left in the background.)

There’s something amazing about taking your home to beautiful places, exploring around to your hearts content, then swimming home again to relax and enjoy the beauty for as long as you’d like – then moving on to yet another beautiful place…or just staying longer.

We love swimming in all the tidal pools. Look at the joy on Mycah’s face as she ‘drowns’ her little brother!

A beautiful place to reflect and meditate.

A peninsula of more giant boulders stretched out into the ocean, and the creatures climbed around for quite a while, while I chatted with a veteran named Tony, who the creatures and I had made friends with earlier in the day.

He served in Afghanistan and has many physical and emotional scars to show for it, but finds peace in places like these.

I apologize for so many photo’s on this blog, but I had a difficult time sifting through them and just wanted to share them all. But, that would have taken up a hundred more photos worth of your time.

When I watch and see our children exploring and loving nature, I am so grateful. It’s my happy place, and is theirs too.They can (and do) study geology, history, biology etc. in a text book till the cows come home, but it makes a huge difference to be able to stand in these amazing places, feel the rock beneath their feet, be amazed at the size and beauty, and have stories and memories to hold on to and share for the rest of their existance.