Feeling Grateful

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We’ve been getting all sorts of things done on Tanda Malaika the past couple of days. The final diagnosis on the starboard engine is that the transmission needs to be replaced. Given the fact that these engines are a constant battle to keep alive and we need to replace them, we opted not to get a new transmission and we’ll do fine sailing and using the port engine until we reach Panama where we’ll hopefully have a couple of Yanmars installed. We are looking at an expensive project, and will continue saving for it.

Emma replaced the batteries all by her self. She’s loves helping out with the mechanical projects.


Danny took us over to Maho Beach so we could watch the airplanes land and take off. When they come in to land, they are so low over the beach, you can feel the wind movement from them as they go by. When they take off, you can feel the heat and blast from the engines. I received a thorough sand blasting, and wasn’t just covered in sand but had it embedded in my skin. What fun times!


It felt like we could jump up and touch the airplanes belly.


Afterward we cooled off and washed off in the beautiful ocean.


We have been enjoying the abundance of amazing cheese and salami on the island. There’s nothing like a good mustard with wheat thins and cheese and salami!


Last night several of our friends came over and after chatting for a while, we broke out the instruments and listened to Danny play and Mycah sing so beautifully. We were so proud of Emma, who has been learning too, as she played and sang a song as well.

Today Emma decided to make some Milk Tart – a traditional South African dessert. She did a fantastic job. For Thanksgiving we enjoyed a delicious Turkey dinner together and have a massive milk tart and pecan pie to enjoy.

Tomorrow we will check out with Customs and Immigration, then make our way over to St Kitts, which is a 50 nm sail. We have about 25 days till Aundrea and our friends, the Keck Family, meet us in San Blas, Panama, for Christmas, so we will continue to make our way in that direction. We are so excited to spend time with them all.


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