Basseterre to White House Bay

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This morning we all jumped into the dinghy and rode to the dinghy dock to take care of customs and immigration. Aidan was sitting up front and while en route he saw a black tip reef shark pass right under us. I wished we’d been in the water with it. It took most of the day to check in since the immigration lady was a bit sparse for most of the time, so while waiting, we meandered around the buildings at the cruise ship terminal.


One massive tourist trap – usually the kind of place we avoid like the plague.


We finally got out of there after enjoying a delicious Indian meal, and pulled up anchor so we could head to the southern end of St Kitts where it’s a bit less populated. Our destination was White House Bay. The bay we had spent the night in, Basseterre Bay, had been a good first stop for convenience sake.


On the way we got a good look at the country side, and are so impressed by the beauty of this island.


Many rounded rain forest covered hills calling us to come and climb them. We may still do that.


Once we passed the populated areas, deeper shades of green spread over the hills. Jude, Danny and Aidan made themselves comfortable on the bow while I manned the helm and dodged crab pots.


It’s all just a bit of heaven…


In the distance, our destination slowly drew closer, and every detail was exquisite. Behind the green mounds of St Kitts we could we a cloud covered Nevis Peak, on Nevis Island, which is an active volcano.


It appears that a church is busy being built across from where we would be anchoring. Though unfinished, it stands majestically against the breathtaking backdrop.


The anchorage already had four sailboats anchored in it, and looked so calm and inviting.


We quickly set the hook in mostly sea grass and sand, grabbed snorkel gear and went exploring. Close to shore many coral heads and beautiful rock formations were surrounded by schools of brightly colored reef fish. Just as the sun was setting we returned to Tanda Malaika, and snapped some photos of a fantastic end to a wonderful day.


We are so grateful for our health and for this time we are spending together. Love flows freely, and so does the unending beauty we are surrounded by.



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