Day: December 8, 2016


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Bonaire is so beautiful!

It has developed so much since I was here a few years ago, yet it still has the same quaint atmosphere. Bonaire is part of the Netherlands and together with Aruba and Curacao it forms the group known as the ABC Islands. The reef lined coast is protected by Bonaire National Marine Park and is incredibly rich in marine life. Needless to say, it’s a scuba divers paradise, and we had fun exploring the town of Kralendijk as well as below the surface.

Kralendijk is a colorful Dutch town filled with interesting little stores, amazing ice cream shops, boutiques and other businesses.

Since the reef is protected, boats are not allowed to anchor, but have to pick up a mooring ball for $10.50 a night, which is a third of the price we paid in the BVI.

Aidan ( @seafaringboarder ) had so much fun riding his Penny Board and Wittle Board through the colorful streets.

I had a blast and a half speaking Afrikaans with the Dutch locals. It especially came in handy when communicating with customs and immigration.

We had so much fun scuba diving as a family. I’m so proud of the creatures diving skills. Everyone is comfortable and careful, which makes for hassle free diving.

The reef is full of beautiful sponges,

my favorite are the purple ones.

We saw several eels,

a lion fish,

and gorgeous anemones.

This wise old octopus checked me out carefully before he disappeared into his hole which was 10X smaller than his body.

Today we are continuing on to Curacao. It is only a 34 nm sail, and we should have following seas and pleasant winds to fill our sails.