Day: December 20, 2016

The Keck Family have arrived!!!

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While waiting for the Keck family to arrive, we visited a Kuna Village. A local man named Luise paddled over in his dugout and invited us to come purchase bananas, molas and kuna bread in the village, so we did. Looking at the village from the outside, it looked crammed , but once inside one could see that all the homes border the shore with open areas, the school, churches and medical huts toward the center. Small huts were out on the water and are used as bathrooms.

In some areas the village was open and clean and in others it was congested and littered with garbage.

An old Kuna woman brought out her beautiful hand stitched Molas to see if we’d like to buy any. Depending on their detail, they sell them for between $10 and $30.

Close by two men were working on building a dug out and not too far from them a little naked boy stood between two that were already made, and resting on the shore. (Thanks to Mycah for the first 4 photos on this blog)

We found the Kuna people to be friendly and happy. Very family oriented and hard working as a community.
Finally it was time for the Keck Family to arrive, after all sorts of flights, a jeep trip through the jungle and finally a water taxi ride to the tiny island of Carti. Jude and Aidan set out in the dinghy to pick them up and on the first load, Kenedi returned as well as all the luggage.

On the next trip she brought back Dave, ZoAnn, Kalin, Kiffin and Jake.

It is so good to have them with us! ZoAnn and I hugged for a long time.

We pulled up the anchor and and all the creatures (8 of them now) seated themselves on the bow to enjoy the ride.

Dave took his place up at the helm with Danny, and ZoAnn fell asleep in the stern salon.

Soon we found a place to relax and went swimming and paddle boarding.

The creatures had so much fun together.

Jake and Kalin rocked the paddle boards.

After that all the boy people on the boat grabbed fishing gear and went out fishing. Aidan is especially enjoying having more guys around.

Still no luck on fishing, but I have no doubt that that will change before long!
On Thursday morning, Tyrel Keck will be arriving.
And so, the adventure continues on Tanda Malaika. Our days will be filled with playing, relaxing and distributing the reading glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hygiene supplies and school supplies to the Kuna people. Thank you so much to all those that donated!