Island hopping in San Blas

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We have been having so much fun hopping from island to island here in San Blas, each day exploring a new place. A couple days ago, however, we seemed to find a spot none of us want to leave. We are anchored facing east with a gorgeous island right off our bow as well as one off our port side. Once diving off Tanda Malaika, in just a few strokes, an incredibly beautiful reef is in view, and it runs the entire length of each island. Large fans, corals and sponges are in abundance, and schools of reef fish meander through flashing yellows, blues, orange, greens and purple. Jude, Jake and Kiffin have become the official conch harvesters and are pretty ninja at it, and everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy the conch fritters we make with them.

I’m so grateful I’m not a conch.

Fishing continues to be a major activity.

We constantly have fly rods and traditional rods at work, and everyone is keeping a count to see who catches the most fish.

So far Aidan is in the lead with Dave close behind. Things have become more creative and intense… several fish have been caught on hand lines while snorkeling or paddle boarding. Yesterday I saw Mycah swimming awkwardly back to the boat and asked her if all was good, and she lifted the hand reel and said, yep, just taking my fish for a walk.

Mycah and Kennedi caught one a couple days ago from the paddle board and woke everyone in the islands up from their squeals. Night fishing is where it seems to be though, and it continues far, far into the night. Aidan has been known to dress up for the occasion.

Dave caught something a couple nights ago,

And so did Danny.

Aidan, Tyrel and Kalin spend hours out on the paddle boards, butts in the air and masked faces in the water, just fishing away.

Dave and ZoAnn and amazing on the paddle boards too.

One of our Kuna friends, Nesso, invited some of the girls to his home where his wife let them dress up in Kuna attire.

All three of the girls had great difficulty getting into the tops.

They looked like tangled pretzels wrapped in fabric.

Eventually they were all dressed up!

Nesso and his sweet family have been so awesome.

We are always in the water, splashing around, wrestling, snorkeling, paddle boarding and exploring, and thinking of our family and friends who are being pounded with snow.

Regardless of where everyone is, the spirit of Christmas is beautiful and real and we are loving it.

At the end of each day we are exhausted!

7:30pm feels like 10:30pm but the party continues with boat showers on the stern, lots of games and constant laughter.

We are having so much fun together and can’t bare the thought of the Keck Family leaving in a few days.


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