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Yesterday the Keck Family left to return to the US. Tanda Malaika is so quiet right now. I already miss them so much, their laughter, love and energy was wonderful to be immersed in for all that time. Their family is a perfect example of what family means…a Father who is dedicated to his wife and children, who has strong character and loves completely. Dave is solid, and an incredibly amazing individual. ZoAnne is a mother who loves her children unconditionally and is overflowing with endless goodness and optimism. A beautiful soul inside and out. She is also a dedicated an non judgmental friend to me, who has always been there through the good and the bad. Tyrell, Jake, Kalin, Kiffin and Kenedi are strong, respectful, loving and happy. They constantly asked how they could help me and were full of energy and happiness. The have amazing values and beliefs that they stand by and are so patients with people like me who have so much to learn. I can’t wait for them to return to Tanda Malaika!

Yesterday our sweet Jude turned 19. She is one of my all time favorite people and I am so honored to be her mom. I am so grateful to learn from her and witness her beautiful soul.

Danny is still away, and hasn’t flown yet. The airplane seems to still have some issues that are being worked on. Since he is in Orlando, he has been able to spend time with Ashley and Jordan, or Florida children, and has loved that. We have no idea when he will be back.
In the mean time the creatures and I will get some things done on Tanda Malaika today and continue to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.


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