Portobelo to Shelter Bay

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This morning we left the sleepy town of Portobelo and motored 20 nm to Shelter Bay. It felt like we were the only ones awake as clouds were slowly lifting for the sun to greet the day.

A Tall Ship had come in and anchored close by in the night.

It felt like we had gone back in time to pirate days. What a beautiful sight.

It was a calm and uneventful trip, and as we neared the canal, on our electronic charts we could see the huge amount of cargo ships waiting their turn to go through the canal.

They all sat at anchor, patiently waiting…

Just as we were about to make the turn to port to enter the bay that leads to both the canal as well as Shelter Bay Marina, Jude grabbed the fishing pole that had a whizzing reel on it, and reeled in a good sized Jack. She did well reeling it in, as it tried diving deep and gave a good fight.

In Shelter Bay we tied up at the dock and got everything settled on Tanda Malaika, then went over to the pool to cool off. Mycah hasn’t been feeling well, and even though it was 82 degrees outside, she was in jeans and a sweatshirt. Later on in the day I was lying on the trampoline and looked over to the bank right at Tanda Malaika’s port side, and saw a crocodile stunning itself. I think tomorrow I may go over and introduce myself (from the dinghy).

Later this evening another one had traded places with the first one. Such sweet fellas.

Tonight we are housing a couple people that came to shelter bay by bus and have discovered that the motel is completely full. Tomorrow we will find Greg, the engine whisperer and the people at the sail loft to discuss what we need done on Tanda Malaika. Life is good, and I am so grateful.


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