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As far as marinas go, Shelter Bay is a wonderful place to be. So many improvements have been made since we were here last, and we have loved all of it.Aidan and Emma have made friends with 3 other boys their age, and after school work and chores are done each day, they disappear for hours – exploring, building forts and swimming.
It reminds me so much of my childhood and makes me smile. Before they leave home they’ll load their backpacks up with snacks, rope, walkie talkies etc and have a blast together. Like Emma, I was the only girl in my brothers and my little pack, and I acted like one of the guys and held my own. Fun memories.

On Wednesday, Jude, Mycah and I caught the extremely fast moving marina shuttle to Colon to grocery shop. We just aren’t used to moving that fast anymore!

On our way the shuttle drives onto a ferry that motors across the river close to where the second Panama Canal is being built, and it was only then while moving across the water, that I didn’t feel like I was going to hurl.

We were dropped off at 9am and were picked up again at 1pm to return. A couple doors down from the grocery store is a department store similar to Walmart, and a little farther down than that is a hardware store. Pretty handy.

I have been attending the aqua fit class and enjoying it very much. There’s a fun group of men and women from the marina that are in it, and our entire time is spent joking around while exercising. On karaoke night, everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to Danny and Mycah. They are an instant hit.

People always comment how Mycah has such a beautiful voice and what a unique, powerful and clear sound she has.

Last night Danny broke out his electric guitar and joined the guys in the band up by the restaurant.

People loved his playing! I had a couple women come to me with their cameras saying they were taking pictures of him and had a crush on him.

This morning Danny and I met an Australian gentleman who had been there last night, and when I greeted him and asked how he was doing, he said, “I would have been fine if it wasn’t for that darn guitar player.” He looked over to Danny and said that he enjoyed his guitar playing so much that he kept ordering more beers and listening and has a painful hangover this morning. I guess Danny is good for business!

We are missing Jude and Mycah this weekend. A family that we made friends with in Honduras, invited them to Panama City to their condo for the weekend. They are having a good time and we look forward to seeing them tomorrow.

My ticket is booked to fly to (below) freezing cold Idaho this week. I am so excited to see my Mom and sister, and then to drive and see the creatures too. Not much longer now and our sweet angle baby will be born, and Danny and I will be an Ouma and Oupa. I can’t wait to hold her and kiss her little face. My surroundings will change by about 90 degrees and I don’t even own a pair of jeans, so I’ll need to take all the warm weather I possibly can, with me!


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