Day: January 12, 2017


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Ever seen the movie, “Jungle to Jungle?” I feel like the kid in it!Where we are in Panama, things don’t move very fast. Today after kissing my babies goodbye, I traveled at 120 km an hour into Panama City. Danny is an excellent driver so I felt completely safe, and we passed through some beautiful scenery, but it all zoomed by so very fast. I then entered an insanely crowded airport where people seemed stressed and unhappy, and sat chatting to a sweet little lady that married at the age of 34 and has been married for 44 years and has 3 children. I told her I am also very happily married and have 11 children. When we parted ways, she said, ‘and just remember, when doing laundry, empty pockets means he’s cheating on you because he’s hiding something.’ She was so funny.

I am spending the night in Houston and will continue travel to Denver then Idaho Falls tomorrow.

After checking into my room, I took my first shower off Tanda Malaika in many many months, and I had to smile when I found myself taking a military shower like I always do. When I used the loo, I couldn’t believe how fast the toilet flushed! Unbelievable!

One good thing about me leaving the boat at this time, is that Danny and the creatures are scrubbing out black water holding tanks. I’m quite pleased with my timing. Greg the mechanic took the engine apart today and has decided that we definitely need a new sail drive on the starboard side. The rigger has removed the furler and is repairing it.

It’s so long it runs the length of almost the entire dock.

Im excited to see my mom and sister tomorrow, and am mentally preparing myself for the freezing temperatures. I’ll make sure I pick up the pace to keep up with the fast world on land, except of course, when I’m showering.