Day: January 13, 2017


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My second travel day to Idaho was an interesting one. I boarded my flight out of Houston and sat on the airplane for a while as mechanics tried to repair the hydraulics. After deciding that it wasn’t going to be a quick fix job, we were escorted off the airplane and told that an airbus was being arranged to take us. During this time a young man asked me where I got my tan from so I told him I live on a boat and spend lots of time outdoors. He asked a few questions and I gave him a boat card so he could read more about it on the blog.Over the following half an hour several others asked questions and I ended up handing out half a dozen boat cards. After reading for a bit, one gentleman turned to me and commented that it’s too bad we didn’t have Captain Dan there because he could have fixed the airplane for us. Someone else walked by later, chuckling, and said how he loved that I called my kids creatures. Our delay ended up being 4 hours long, and many times during that time I’d sit and watch many in the group as they say reading my blog…sometimes coming over to comment, sometimes bursting into laughter and sometimes just wanting to know more from me. It was so funny to witness it all. When the flight finally landed in Denver, wee were about 15 minutes late for me to catch my next flight, but apon exiting I read the board to find out that that flight had also been delayed so I’d be able to make it after all. That United flight also had maintenance issues, and I landed in Idaho Falls way past when I should have, but my sweet Momma was patiently waiting for me.

When I gave my mom the shells I’d collected for her she sorted through them in awe for the longest time. She loves them.

Today I got to spend time with my sister , niece and nephew, and I met my beautiful great niece for the first time. She is such a cute little bundle.

My mom sure is a young looking great grandmother!

Not one of her grey hairs are from me.

I am so tired tonight so I think I’ll turn in early. It wasn’t as cold as I imagined it would be out there, but it sure feels good to be snuggled up in my warm bed. My Sweetheart is safe in Venezuela and the creatures are safe too, so I’ll get a good nights rest tonight.