The girls enter the canal

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When I arrived here in Idaho I had quite a list of things I need to collect for the boat. I’ve tackled over half of it and in between have spent time with family and friends. While driving to town yesterday, I found myself looking out at the houses surrounded by snow and ice. They looked so cold and heavy. They looked rooted into the ground like they were there to stay. There’s no moving to the next town or state or country in a few days if one felt like it. For a second the permanency of it made me feel a little claustrophobic. I realized how much I’ve grown so used to moving around, exploring new places, checking in and out of countries and feeling the movement of our home all the time. I love that freedom just as much as these people in these homes, love to be rooted to the earth.

My mom is babysitting my sisters beautiful cat right now, and we have become good friends. I decided to name him ‘Jib’, which seems to suite him well.

We spent an afternoon visiting with my niece and her beautiful little family. She recently had her tonsils out and had nose repair done and is a little loopy and oh so fun to visit with. It is so fun to see nieces and nephews with their new supposes and beautiful families.

Today we had a wonderful Sunday meal with the Keck Family, who recently spent a couple weeks with us on Tanda Malaika. It was so great to see them again.

Back in Panama, Danny and the creatures are doing well. A couple in the marina needed 3 line handlers to help them get their boat through the Panama Canal, so Jude, Mycah and Emma volunteered to go.

Their boat will be rafted together with 2 other boats we know from the marina. They set out today at about noon, and about 6 1/2 hours later messaged to say they had reached the lake, which is half way. Tomorrow they work down through the locks on the other side and descend down to the Pacific Ocean. Pretty amazing.

At this point since they are experienced they can start charging to assist as line handlers. Jude and Mycah have begun waitressing at the marina restaurant and Jude has decided that she is absolutely not cut out to be a waitress. She’d much rather prefer to work on a boat. On Saturday night Danny arrived home from his trip, and played in the band once again. Mycah sang with the band and loved it. I’m told she did a fantastic job, and can’t wait to hear it for myself. Tomorrow Aidan has a job to help some people de-mast their boat.
I miss them all so much but am grateful for this time here with family. My mother is an Angel.


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