Day: January 21, 2017

Big Sky

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Both my Mom and I came down with the flu this week. I was first and she followed a couple days later. We were achy, feverish and coughed a lot, and headaches were bad. She took care of me and I took care of her, and we couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation.At my Cardiology appointment on Thursday my doc was pleased with how my pacemaker is working for me and gave me a big thumbs up. Life is good and I am so grateful for good health.

Yesterday I drove up to Big Sky, Montana, to see Kjira. It has been so wonderful to spend time with her, and the scenery has been so beautiful.

The roads were mostly clear, aside from when they weren’t, at which point they were like ice rinks.
Kjira and Jar have treated me like a queen today, spoiling me with a lift ticket and gear rental, lunch and dinner. I feel so very spoiled and undeserving,
Big Sky is a special place for me, because the Stahn Family, who I lived with when I came to America, taught me how to ski here. So, after many many years of no skiing, my first run today was on the one I learned on, called Mr K. When looking down from the ski lifts, ground looks so far away!

The view was amazing from up on top.

Tall lodge pole pines are covered in and surrounded by a blanket of white, and the mountain is so peaceful.

We made several runs, broke for lunch, then returned once again to the slopes. It was like riding a bike for me, as I found myself moving at what felt like quite a speed, down the runs.

Kjira and Jar both snow board, and are total ninjas at it. I couldn’t get enough of the view from on top!

This is truly beautiful country!

Tomorrow I will drive back to my Mom. She is feeling quite a bit better, and so am I. This morning I loaded up on Alkazeltzer Cold and Tylenol and it got me through a good chunk of the day.

Danny and the creatures are doing well. Danny has been working on some electrical issues on the boat, as well as the furler. We are slowly making progress.

I am completely exhausted now, since I drove here at 4:30am this morning. Its time for rest. I’m excited to see how badly my muscles hurt tomorrow!