Day: January 28, 2017

Becoming Grandparents

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Yesterday was such an emotional day for me. Hunter and Nonna were excitedly, exhaustedly walking that same path that I have walked many times. It’s a miraculous journey that simply cannot be appreciated or explained, unless you’re there and directly involved.I loved being pregnant and I especially loved labor and delivery. It’s an earth shattering pain so intense that it took me to the very edge of realizing my strengths on a road that only has one direction, and that’s forward.

Zailyn Sophie Ann was born at 2:27pm, weighing in at 6lb 15oz and 20” long. The first pictures that we saw of her looked like she was in deep thought – all bundled up in a hat and blanket. Hunters words to us expressed his love for us and how he couldn’t wait for us to meet “this beautiful little Angel.” He went on to say that “she’s the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.” Such a proud daddy who is so involve with his sweet daughter, and it fills me to overflowing.

When we spoke on the phone later in the day and he described the whole experience to me, I just couldn’t stop crying, and I felt love for my son on a much deeper level that it already was. We have a deeply spiritual and life changing experience in common now.

In South Africa Grandpa is Oupa and Grandma is Ouma, so that is what Danny and I will be known as. We are so excited. We get to meet our granddaughter tomorrow night!!!