Day: January 31, 2017

Meeting Zailyn

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Danny and I have fallen helplessly in love with our grand daughter, Zailyn.

She is the most perfect, beautiful little creature. Hunter and Nonna are doing such an incredible job being her parents. Nonna is a natural and it’s easy to see that she is smitten with her beautiful baby. Hunter is putty in Zailyns presence. It has been so fun for us to see him talk with her, take care of her needs and love her. It’s all so perfect.

Danny has a way of stealing her from me when ever I am holding her! Yesterday we walked through a park and Zailyn was so toasty, all snuggled down in her Oumpa’s sweatshirt.

We have loved spending time with this sweet little family. It’s going to be tough to leave in the morning. We have booked our tickets to return to the boat and our other creatures, and have so much to get done before then…including sell the Excursion and the Harley.

Our boat creatures have been very busy. They continue to make trips back and forth through the canal as line handlers for people. Not are the only making a few extra bucks but they are learning so much.

Life is good, and we are so proud of all our babies!