Headed home

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This has been quite the whirlwind of a trip! I can’t exactly remember, but it seems like I was supposed to be in the US for two weeks, and it’s been a month. I’ve been so many places, and had so many wonderful experiences, including skiing with Kjira in Montana, traveling to Mexico for surgery (more on that later), spent time with our beautiful granddaughter and Hunter and Nonna, traveled to Utah and spent time with sweet Aundrea, carried on finally to Idaho to spend time with family and friends, and I got to attend my first super bowl party. Tomorrow we will fly home to Tanda Malaika and our 4 amazing kids that are there with her.

Our time with Aundrea was so fun. We took her birthday shopping and went to the movies, and got to meet her friends when we ordered pizza and brought them to our hotel to swim in the pool.

Afterward we sat and chatted for a while to get to know them. What a fun group of kids! A sweet friend, Mikelle, also stopped by to see us and introduce us to her beautiful family.

Traveling to Idaho from Utah was so beautiful. I love to see the snow covered mountains standing tall and picturesque.

Here in Idaho we of course had to spend time with the Stahn family. I lived with them when I came to America as a 16 year old, and they are like second parents to me. They own Chesbro Music Company which is a big beautiful well stocked music store on Broadway street in Idaho Falls, and they happen to have designed and created their own gorgeous guitar. Teton is the name and the sound is unbelievable – I especially love to hear Danny play his 10 string. While Danny played the Teton guitars, bases and uke’s, my mom got a little crazy on an electric guitar in the background. You just can’t take her anywhere!

While I have been on this trip (Danny joined me last week), the creatures have been their usual amazing selves. Mycah has continued to work as a waitress at the marina restaurant, and Jude and the twins have been working as line handlers for sailboats crossing the canal. Mycah has also been teaching yoga each morning, and had 17 students this morning! We are so proud of them, their independence and integrity. What amazing individuals.
I have missed them so much and can’t wait to wrap them up in my arms and kiss their faces.

Life is good, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity.


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