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Danny, Kiffin and I arrived in Shelter Bay safe and sound, and were greeted at the taxi by lots of hugs and kisses from the creatures. We had all missed each other so much. Kiffin is a family friend from Idaho who is going to spend until somewhere around the end of March with us, at which point she will be leaving to serve a mission for our church. Her and Jude have been friends since they were small.

The creatures had done such an amazing job taking care of Tanda Malaika, and many people in the marina pulled us aside and complimented us on having the greatest kids. We’ve heard how well behaved they were in our absence, and how helpful and polite they were to their fellow sailors. It makes us so happy to see how they are so independent and strong in character and integrity.

It didn’t take long for Jude and Emma to find themselves and Kiffin another line handling job through the canal.

Once the boat owners passed Danny’s safety test, the time came and they set out on their grand adventure.

The boat they are handling for is a 27ft monohull with two owners on board so It’ll be a tight squeeze for five people…but tons of fun.

This is the fourth time through for Jude and Emma, and will be a wonderful new experience for Kiffin.

I heard from the girls about an hour ago, that they have safely reached the lake and will continue on to the Pacific side in the morning.

In the mean time, the kids have been introducing me to some of their new friends in the marina. One of them is Anna, who is 3, and she loves the attention she receives here. Mycah put a mask on her face and Anna decided she needed some too…

She’s so cute.

Aidan has been passing time by playing soccer, skate boarding and exploring the rainforest.

I love the friendships we form as we travel around. The world is so full of amazing individuals who one can learn so much from – if you’ll just listen to their stories.

I’m so grateful for parents who raised me to be open minded and non judgmental. Life is good.


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