Queen of the Marina

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It’s been fun to get back and see the relationships that the creatures have formed with our fellow sailors here in the marina. As I mentioned in my last post, everyone loves the creatures and have in some way or another been touched by them. Mycah seems to have become the Queen of the Marina! One cannot walk anywhere with her without someone calling her name and greeting her with a smile. Every morning she teaches yoga upstairs in the lounge and those that attend adore her. She instructs in a calm clear voice that everyone dials into as she does the splits and places her body in amazing positions.

There’s complete silence aside from her reassuring voice.

And in the end when everyone is meditating she walks around to each student (she had 21 today), and gently rubs Eucalyptus oil into their shoulders, necks and temples.

I watch her and am so proud of her. So happy for her. She is strong and compassionate and has been described by many to as one with an old soul. I love Mycah so much. What a beautiful person.

She also works as a waitress in the marina restaurant and everyone loves her hard working and efficiency skills. She is really progressing so much in her Spanish.
Last night Mycah broke out her new Teton Guitar that we purchased for her as an early graduation present, and played and sang at open mike. Her voice is improving all the time and sounds so beautiful.

I walked down an abandoned road that loops through the jungle this morning, and as usual was not disappointed by the beauty there.

Everywhere I looked, there was life, each busy with their special jobs. Leaf cutter ants meandered along the forest floor and crossed the asphalt path, disappearing into the forest on the other side.

A beautiful caterpillar was headed in the same direction…

and crocodile paths lay flattened and empty, ready for the next big croc to use the same path.

Vines climb the side of tree trunks reaching high to find sunlight,

Old Army buildings still stand tall like a scene from The Jungle Book movie, and I try to imagine what it was like back in the day…

An old church also stands solid, and if one listens carefully enough, singing and sermons can almost be heard.

I walked back to the marina, taking one last glance at the old theater that is now a sail loft, and I am grateful to return to my floating home, where water lapping against the hull lulls me to sleep at night.


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