Farewell for now

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The past couple of days we’ve had to say ‘see you later’ to some pretty special friends. Yesterday was to a beautiful family we have come to love so much. They are headed in the opposite direction than we are – across the Atlantic and over to Europe. The creatures have all become inseparable and it was tough for us to see them go. A big group hug seemed like the best thing at at the time…

Such a fun group of kids!

Danny cheered the creatures up afterward by being goofy.

Jacque and his dad also left, but they are headed the direction we are, so chances are we’ll be running into each other along the way. (Hopefully not literally). We love Jacque so much and have really loved having him as an added family member. Aidan, Emma and Mycah line handled for their transit through the canal.

Danny and I ran our injectors to Panama City this morning, so they can be cleaned. It looks as if the previous owners never cleaned them all.

They will be ready and good as new tomorrow. Since we were already on the Pacific side, running errands, we hung around and grabbed the 3 amigos when they reached the Pacific side. They had a good crossing and we just tired and hungry.

On the way back to the marina tonight, we found a sloth crossing the road. It was so cute. They come down from the trees once a week to go to the bathroom, so hopefully we didn’t interrupt his business too much.

We have been trying to book a transit date for the canal, but it is ‘Carnival’ time, and everyone is taking the entire week off work. As of right now it appears that the soonest everyone will be back at work, is March 4th or 5th. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…


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