Life at the end of E Dock

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Our croc friend has been enjoying the sun about 50ft from Tanda Malaika, and is so adorable. Look at that face, he’s so cute!

My jungle walks still amaze me. It’s so beautiful see the many variations of green, in palms, pampas grass, massive trees, vines, and various bushes.

As I walk I hear bird calls that sound like droplets of water, and they swoop over me carrying twigs for nests. Their bright yellow tail feathers so brightly contrasted against the blue sky and green jungle. Butterflies zigzag through the air and foliage and finally settle someplace before quickly taking flight once more.

Berries and flowers in all shapes, sizes and textures fill spaces between leaves and branches.

It looks like we’ll miss mango season, and plenty of fruit is on its way. Many of the mango trees are blooming.

We made another trip to Panama City, this time to Price Smart – a sister store to Costco. We filled two grocery carts with provisions for our crossing, which happens to be the easy part of the process.

Running errands is always fun with Danny and Mycah, because they are constantly teasing each other.

On our way home we picked Jude and Kiffin up from another canal crossing, and treated them to frozen yoghurt. They felt like they’d died and gone to heaven.

The painful part of provisioning began the next morning when we awoke…removing labels from cans and relabeling them with permanent marker, scrubbing out lazarettes, and reorganizing and packing. Emma made a marvelous pyramid with the cans.

I am so grateful for the extra storage we have under the galley floorboards. Cans fit perfectly. We have two areas like the one in the photo for storage, as well as various others..

All pasta, flour and rice now have fresh bay leaves in them to scare away weevils.

Tanda Malaika was measured for canal transit, and we have been given a new crossing date of March 4th.

Once we are through we will head to the Pearl Islands for a few days, then to Ecuador where we will explore up into Peru and Bolivia. We will stock up on fresh fruit and veggies there, then will not hit another grocery store till we reach Marquesas 6 or 7 weeks later. It’ll take a few days to get to Galapagos, well spend about 3 weeks there, then take about 3 weeks to get to Marquesas. We have exciting adventures ahead! We have met a family who are traveling the same route that we are, and have had fun getting to know them. There is always safety in numbers when traveling…as well as extra comic relief.

Today we will continue working on projects, organizing and cleaning. Life is good and as always, exciting!

2 thoughts on “Life at the end of E Dock

    R Whitaker said:
    February 26, 2017 at 4:42 pm

    Now that’s provisioning!! 🙂


      belindagovatos responded:
      February 27, 2017 at 10:56 pm

      Hey there Zatara, we can’t wait to join up soon.


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