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With only 5 more days till we transit the Panama Canal, we are done with our ‘big jobs’ list on Tanda Malaika and are now checking the last few things off on the ‘smaller jobs’ list. Today Danny checked cleats and tightened them.

The last thing we need is a loose cleat when line handling through the canal.

The creatures pulled out all the anchor chain to remark it.

It was recommended to us when we first started cruising, to use zip ties and mark the chain every 25ft. We quickly found that the salt water and sun was hard on the zip ties and have now used the next suggestion given to us…spray paint. We are told it lasts about a year, which is longer than what the zip ties lasted, so we’ll see how this goes.

We had some coconuts that needed to be husked, so Aidan, Emma and Jude went to work on those.

They take up far less room once the outer husk has been removed, plus the messy part of the job is now completed, so we won’t have stained decks from husking them on the boat while underway. The creatures have some seriously fantastic skills with coconuts!

This afternoon our friends, Hannah and Rodger, and their dog name Marianna, came over to visit. Everyone worked on art projects while Danny and Rodger played on the guitars.

Marianna made herself at home and received lots of attention from us all.

I made a huge bowl of stroganoff for everyone for dinner, and now the creatures have placed a big white sheet up outside and are watching movies from Rodgers projector. We meet such amazing people everywhere we travel.

My sweet mama has had a rough winter. While I was there visiting her she had pneumonia, and today she spent time in the ER as they did scans and tests to find she has Diverticulitis. She is so weak and and her lower abdomen is uncomfortable, but hopefully the meds she’s been given with get her better in no time at all.
I am so grateful for good health and a wonderful family.


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