Day: March 4, 2017

Ready to go

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We’ve spent the past few days preparing to transit the canal, and the time has finally come. We are so excited because tomorrow is the BIG DAY! All fenders and lines were delivered this morning, and aside from one last scrub down for Tanda Malaika when we awaken, we’re good to go.

Danny has worked so hard installing the freshly cleaned injectors, repairing a leaky water pump and replacing a starter battery. With overwhelming gratitude, I used the commercial sized washer one last time, washing towels, clothing and bedding, and hung them on Tanda Malaika to dry. It’s been quite a treat to have a washer to use – though I really don’t mind doing it by hand at the stern. Everyone except Danny does their own laundry, so it’s not too bad washing for only two!

Yesterday we enjoyed the cooler evening temperatures by going for a walk in the jungle. Our friend, Hannah and her sweet pup, Mariana, joined us.

We came across a large community of monkeys, who curiously watched us for a while. Kiffin did really well controlling her fear of monkeys by staying by my side and observing them quietly. I didn’t have my bigger lens with me so no close ups were taken. This Capuchin watched from among the bunches of dates.

Others swung from tree to tree, stopped and lay still for a few minutes, then carried on.
Mycah and Aidan decided to go palm surfing down a steep grass/weed hill.

It was great entertainment for us who were watching.

No one broke any bones, so that was a bonus!

I loved the way Aidan landed with one shoe missing.

In the end he decided to try his luck with log rolling. He wasn’t too shabby at this activity either!

We have had so much fun here in Shelter Bay, and have come to know so many beautiful individuals. The great thing about cruising is that at some point, somewhere in the world, we will randomly run into one of them once more.

Jude and Emma returned to us this evening from crossing the canal for the 8th time, and are so excited to finally take their own home through tomorrow. By this time tomorrow night we’ll be anchored some place on Lake Gatun! I’ll have much to write about! Until then, it’s time for this girl to get some rest…