Isla Pedro Gonzalas

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We’ve decided that the Las Perlas Islands are one of our favorite places. The islands themselves are far prettier than Bahamas but the water is not as clear this time of year.

We’ve been collecting shells, and it’s amazing to see how the variety is different here than other places we’ve been. Large key hole limpets are everywhere, as well as small cowries, just to name a couple.
We stopped in at the little town on Isla Pedro Gonzalas to see what fruit they had, and were first greeted at the boat by a sweet man in a panga. He welcomed us and introduced himself as Rafael. He chatted with everyone for a while and during the conversation, Danny understood that he had lost all his fishing gear, so we gave him a rod, reel and line. Who knows if his story is true or not, but who are we to judge – especially when we had extra.

We took care of the most important item of business first once securing the dinghy, and that was to find the local ice cream shop.

An orange tabby cat lay lazily right outside the door and didn’t even raise its head to acknowledge us.

The vehicle of choice on the island was golf carts. I’ve definitely seen more golf carts on island roads at this point than I’ve ever seen on golf courses.

We purchased a couple of nice big pineapples and some questionable apples, then sat and chatted with some French sailors who are also heading to New Zealand. It’s so fun to meet people who share the same dreams and passions as we do, and learn about their experiences, and I truly adore this crazy bunch that I sail with.

We explored a beautiful beach for a while. The texture and color of the rock fascinated me.

I noticed a crab hole that had bird and crab prints leading to it. It looked like the bird had found its dinner there, and after a little scuffle taken flight. I wonder who won…

I feel so much peace in these places. I often think of my Dad and brother and feel them close. I constantly notice and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and I am so grateful to share it with Danny and some of our children. I wish they could all be here. There are so many I want to share this journey with – not just the words and photos, but the smells, sounds and feel of it all.

It’s all the small and simple things that make all the difference in the world.

I am so grateful to live another day.


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